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Ulan Ude, Russia

Ulan Ude, one of the largest cities in eastern Siberia, is the capital of Buryatia, a semi-autonomous republic of Russia. Being a republic, Buryatia has its own constitution and some twenty percent of the population speak the Buryat language in addition to Russian.

The central square of Ulan Ude is dominated by the world’s largest statue of Lenin’s head. Nearby, in front of the Ulan Ude Opera House, a fountain moves in concert with classical music played from surrounding speakers.

Now at our Russian starting point we are nearly three thousand miles from our final destination in Russia, St Petersburg. However, that is measured in a straight line, the distance by train is far greater.

From now on all of our trains run on Moscow time, despite the local time being five hours ahead. This will make it easier for us to miss a train, but, means it is never too early for a vodka.


Buryatia- The Russian republic of Buryatia is home to the Mongol Buryat people . The Buryats are the largest aboriginal Siberian group although their language (Buryat) is almost extinct. The republic’s most famous feature is Lake Baikal, believed to be the oldest lake in the world


The Azure Window and the Blue Hole - Gozo, Malta

Two geological wonders sit side-by-side on the Maltese island of Gozo: the Azure Window and the Blue Hole.

The window is a towering rock formation reaching 328 feet high with a precarious table structure that makes it popular for cliff divers. Yet below is another wonder with a collapsed underwater limestone cave known as the Blue Hole. It’s accessed by divers through a 262-foot tunnel, and underwater you can find a beautiful array of marine life including octopi, fire worms, and sea horses.

Unfortunately, the Azure Window is wearing down. In April of 2012, it got a little wider when part of it broke off. But there’s apparently already a plan if the worst happens, and upon its collapse it will be rechristened the Azure Pinnacle. 

Plan a trip to the Azure Window and Blue Hole, on Atlas Obscura…

Took a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake on Saturday. What a view! Lustrous, iridescent colors all over. Wish I was a better photographer.
I have thought I should have got to the town way much earlier than a week before leaving; on the other side, it’s another place to explore when I come back.

If I come back.


Shamanic fire draws bizarre images. Rite Shandruu. Buryatia. June 2012

Шаманский костер рисует причудливые образы. Обряд посвящения Шандруу. Бурятия. Июнь 2012